Stana Katic interview for hungarian Glamour Magazine

She returns in a new TV show, this time to play an agent, but it shows a whole new side of the Croatian-born favorite of the crowd, Stana Katic… Even hotter.

During the last twenty years of many legendary TV shows, from ER to 24, and Heroes, another Canadian-born actress emerged.

She was also featured in a James Bond movie, but everyone probably loved her for Kate Beckett, from Castle. The seven-year success story, however, has left her behind, and Stana Katic has a new, and more exciting than ever character. In this interview, we talked about the challenges of Absentia and the role of modern television.

How challenging was the character of Emily Byrne?
The hardest thing was to jump back and forth in the story. You have to imagine that, shooting a scene from the tenth episode at 10 o’clock in the morning, but on the same day in the afternoon we would shoot a scene from the second episode, so that in the evening we could go to a scene from the fifth episode. It’s like shooting three movies at a time. It was a big challenge, but it was also fun.

Nowadays we see many strong female characters, is Emily one of them?
The catalyst for the story of Absentia is what is happening with Emily, but this is not just the only story. The failure and collapse of the life of the other characters is a consequence of the old story, but these characters have the same effect on each other and depend on each other.

You are also filming movies, but you work more in television productions. Is it a conscious decision?
Not really, I actually do not really care where my work is going. I look more for good roles and interesting stories.

Many people say that TV shows are taking on the role of feature films. How do you see this?
There is no doubt that there are now a lot more and a much larger budget than ever before on television, and many actors who have just made movies are now entering the television. The audience, by its very nature, does not make a big difference between the two, as there are different platforms, but both share storytelling.

Have you ever been fan of a TV show when you were young?
Oh, many! I loved Star Trek! I have a wonderful Vulcan Salute, and I always wanted to have pointy ears.

I was surprised to hear you are writing lyrics, and you’ve been playing as a singer. What about this?
This is very funny. It’s not really part of my career, it’s more of a thing I do in my free time at home, secretly.

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