Bem-vindos à galeria do Stana Katic: Stanatics Brasil. Até agora, temos 79591 imagens, em 982 álbums em 118 categorias, visualizados 2191380 vezes. Divirta-se com a variedade de fotos e esperamos que você volte mais vezes, já que nossa galeria está em constante atualização.

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drstanakatic: "So proud to be joining my friends @machirski_sport for the Vitosha Mountain planting. #TreePlanting
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“Dear friends, big and small humans!
Despite the fact that forests have survived all the major events of the past 385 million years, today, in the 21st century, they suffer. Although Nature spares them from illness, drought and fire, man is not so merciful. Thousands of acres of forest are clear cut every day to make room for livestock pastures, farms and agriculture to feed an ever-growing global population. We are all responsible for the current state of affairs. We must clean up our act. The right actions matter, no matter the scale and proportion they take.
That’s why this October we invite you to celebrate the 85 year anniversary of Vitosha Nature Park and 385 million years of Forests in general through an honorary afforestation.

Sunday, September 29th OR Sunday, October 6th, depending on weather conditions in the mountain.

Nature Park Vitosha. An area for afforestation will be carefully chosen by the State Forest Department.

Bring old clothes that you’re not afraid to get dirty. Tree saplings and instruments will be provided, but we encourage everyone to bring a shovel or pickaxe of their own.

Please, mark yourself “Going”, only if you are really certain of your participation in the event.
Thank you!”"

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