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cara_theobold: "Coberta de lama e muito feliz. Dia gloriosos no rancho com esses filhotinhos, estamos completamente enfeitiçadas ❤️ @drstanakatic"

Original: "Covered in mud and happy as can be. Glorious day out at the ranch with these pups, we are completely besotted ❤️ @drstanakatic"

2018-12-11-cara_theobold-003.jpg 2018-12-11-cara_theobold-002.jpg 2018-12-11-cara_theobold-001.jpg 2018-11-30-kasiadamik.jpg 2018-11-22-theneiljackson.jpg 2018-11-27-rotemyaron.jpg 2018-11-15-acastop.jpg
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