Entrevista legendada de Stana para o People’s Choice Awards

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Stana fala sobre os fãs em curta entrevista ao PeoplesChoice.com no People’s Choice Awards 2014.

People’s Choice Awards pode ter acabado a mais de uma semana, mas os fãs de Castle ainda estão empolgados com a premiação de Stana Katic como “Atriz de Drama de TV Preferida” (Favorite Dramatic TV Actress).

Embora Katic pôde agradecer a seus fãs rapidamente no palco, as emoções realmente foram mostradas durante uma entrevista com a PeoplesChoice.com, nos bastidores.

Eu acho que nunca esperei por algo do tipo, então é um choque,” disse Katic, emocionada. “É bom saber que as pessoas gostam de algo que eu estou fazendo.

A atriz continuou a agradecer seu elenco e equipe novamente, mas no fim, voltou seu foco aos fãs.

Vocês me deram uma lembrança maravilhosa,” disse Katic, enquanto falava diretamente aos telespectadores de Castle. “Eu vou valorizar isso por muito tempo.

Assista a entrevista abaixo e não se surpreenda se você também ficar em lagrimas.

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  • latnac42 | 18/03/2014 @ 18:35

    This letter STANA to congratulate you again for your prize for PCA 2014 and to entrust you how much we appreciate you.
    It is difficult to express the feelings that come from the heart with words , especially when we do not express in our own language , I hope you like excuse me for my English deplorable.
    This message to show you our admiration for the wonderful actress you are, who knows so well how stir us from smile to tears . The talent is not enough , for your relentless work and the passion that you devote to it , you were able to sublimate .Your presence in a film is enough to illuminate it , as only a few rare actresses know how to do it : every time , the magic takes place , you move us deeply : we cry with you , we laugh with you , we fight with you , we sing with you , we suffer with you …
    This message also to say you MADAME STANA KATIC our deep respect for the “person” you are : it is rather for us that it is ” an honor ” to support you ! The beauty of a human being comes from the inside : this glow shining in your eyes and brightens your smile comes from deep within your soul and reflects qualities of your heart .You think all the time to thank the other ( casting , crew , producers, writers , spectators, fans … ) without you appropriate all the credit .Your humility and your generosity prove that you’re CLASS personified : you are a ” GRANDE DAME “, a ” LADY ” STANA .
    It is for : your gentleness, your femininity, your humor, your way to make fun of yourself and do not take you seriously, your sensitivity, your energy, your smile, your strength of character, your enthusiasm, your sporty temper, your mind and your culture (reading, poetry, science ..), your modesty, your perfectionism,your elegance, your spontaneity, your involvement in the ATP and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, your passion, your charm, your generosity … that we love you from the bottom of our heart.
    If sometimes you feel sad , tired, alone, are overcome with doubt … look at your PCA and remind you that we are and will be always with ( and behind ) you and always there for you . The success of some (especially those mérit people) unfortunately makes others envious and unfortunately the backbiters always exist : remain worthy and keep intact your simplicity , your authenticity , your humility , your availability and your generosity towards others … remain yourself and you will keep forever the unwavering support of those who love you and a important place in their heart .
    For all these reasons ” This award belongs to you , to YOU ​​ALONE , STANA evermore and for good ” .

    latnac42 from FRANCE (@latnac42 on twiter )

    PS :If by some miracle in the middle of the ocean of requests that must certainly submerge you,
    my bottle into the sea manages to clear a way to your heart , Stana , make me a sign.



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